How do you start your elevator pitch?  Here are some tips to get you started.

An elevator pitch is a short introduction to you and your business.  It is given the name as if you were stuck in the elevator for a short journey with a prospect customer or your CEO, what would you say.  This is your “pitch” or introduction to your business.

It sounds simple – tell me about your business in 15-60 seconds!  Sure, no problem!

However, when you’re on the spot and have to talk about you and your business, sometimes it doesn’t roll off the tongue. So, what do you?  Prepare, prepare, prepare!

You can never be too prepared or rehearsed with your elevator pitch.  Ok, so you need to write it first and then practice it.

Where do you begin?  The answer – at the beginning.

1. The 12-15 second pitch

For the 12-15 second pitch, you really have time for just one sentence.  If that’s the case, summarise in one simple sentence what your business does or what it provides.  Try to get in the benefits that your business provides.  Also, list some of the features that set your business apart from competitors.

2. The 30 second pitch

For this pitch you have a little longer, but make it good! Again, summarise what your business does or what it provides.  Describe the benefits and features of your business – especially what sets you apart from your competitors. Maybe state what your business qualifications are. For this, you could mention a recent award or a qualification you have relevant to your business.  For example, at Lush Marketing we have accreditations from the Digital Marketing Institute and we’re a member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland.  Continue to describe your business’ goals or objectives.  For example, maybe you provided dedicated support or an account manager to look after customers.

3. The 60 second pitch

 Thankfully the 60 second pitch gives you a little longer to shine and promote you and your business. 

In addition to the above 30 second pitch, you can add some more flavour to it.  Add in your business mission in a sentence.  For example, you might want your business to improve people’s lives by providing the best healthcare solutions in the industry.  Another nice addition could be to include a successful outcome from the sale of your product or service.  For example, if you provide market research as a service, then your results could be connecting your customer better with their audience with a greater understanding of their needs.


If you’re still struggling with your elevator pitch or that or your team, then contact us.  We run workshops with you and your team to help you refine your elevator pitch.