15 minute call complimentary for first time Marketing Consultations

Marketing & Business Strategy

We help with elements of business strategy including vision and purpose. The Marketing Mix is also used.

Support Services

We help you with special marketing projects.  We offer help with one off projects when you’re stuck for resources.

Marketing Training & Development

We offer coaching, mentoring and training on digital and general marketing activity.


Training on Social Media hints, tips and tricks

Join me for Social Media Training with hints, tips and tricks! When and Where? On the 27th February, 2020 I am running a half day training workshop in the Glenview Hotel, Wicklow from 8.30 (9am start) to 12.30pm. What will you learn? Lots of hints and tips on the best...

3 Tips for Social Media

I’m speaking to business owners almost every day. The one thing that most people managing a business social media account struggle with is content. They either don’t know what to post, when to post it or what is appropriate. So here are some tips that I regularly share with businesses:

Listen to the Radio Star!

What did we talk about? Well, listen to the podcast to hear the full interview with Natasha Gillies' "The Irish Business Show" on Dublin City FM!  Jill Lush, our owner, is very passionate about marketing.  She is particularly passionate about having the correct market...

What is the one thing Irish Businesses should do?

After a lovely radio interview with Natasha Gillies on Dublin City FM, it got me thinking!  I spoke to her about the great report that is released by IE Domain Registry once a year called the SME Digital Health Index.  It is released following a survey of over 1,000...

Marketing Workshop for YOU!

Upcoming Marketing Workshop Are you trying to make some new plans for your business in 2020? Are you trying to grow your business in 2020 and beyond? Do you realise that you need to concentrate on marketing your business better in 2020 and beyond? If so, this is the...

3 Tips to improve your Marketing in 2020

Are you a bit disillusioned with marketing your business? Do you want to make some changes to how you market your business? December and January are the best months to look to the year ahead. They are also great times to implement some changes.

Proven Marketing Strategy and Planning Techniques to Deliver Real Results

Do you wish you had an experienced marketer to talk to about growing your business? Someone to take an impartial look at how you’re doing and answer some of those burning questions you have in a clear and straightforward way.

6 Tips on Effective Communication for Businesses

Whatever your opinion is on the roles of sales and marketing, whether they are separate, the same or a blend, the role of communications is imperative in both sales and marketing.

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