REDUCED FEE for first time Marketing Consultations

Marketing & Business Strategy

We help with elements of business strategy including vision and purpose. The Marketing Mix is also used.

Support Services

We help you with special marketing projects.  We offer help with one off projects when you’re stuck for resources.

Marketing Training & Development

We offer coaching, mentoring and training on digital and general marketing activity.


Proven Marketing Strategy and Planning Techniques to Deliver Real Results

Do you wish you had an experienced marketer to talk to about growing your business? Someone to take an impartial look at how you’re doing and answer some of those burning questions you have in a clear and straightforward way.

6 Tips on Effective Communication for Businesses

Whatever your opinion is on the roles of sales and marketing, whether they are separate, the same or a blend, the role of communications is imperative in both sales and marketing.

Is Marketing Strategy for 2020 scaring you?!

So, when we try to simplify the definition of Marketing Strategy it is about setting objectives and aiming to achieve them. They can be achieved with decent marketing and can be measured.

Are you writing content you want to hear or what your customers want to hear?!

It seems like a simple question, but are you being honest with yourself?! Are you sure that you’re writing content that your customers (or potential customers) want to hear?

7 Tips to Stand Out on Social Media

We’ll be honest from the start and not say it is easy. It’s not! However, there are plenty of things that you can do or change on your social media for your business.

Lush Marketing on the Radio

Radio interviews galore Our owner, Jill Lush, has been in demand to give radio interviews for her Thought Leadership accreditation. Lush Marketing received their accreditation from the All-Ireland Business All-Star Foundation in Croke Park on Thursday, 12th September,...

Keep your Marketing Simple

The best Marketing is the simplest. It might takes hours, weeks, months or years to get right. However, the most simple marketing is also the most effective.

8 (or more!) Tips to Get your Business Started on Instagram

With 1 billion active users on Instagram are you feeling left out if you’re not using it for your business or not using it correctly?

Here’s some tips to help you get started on Instagram.

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