15 minute call complimentary for first time Marketing Consultations

Marketing & Business Strategy

We help with elements of business strategy including vision and purpose. The Marketing Mix is also used.

Support Services

We help you with special marketing projects.  We offer help with one off projects when you’re stuck for resources.

Marketing Training & Development

We offer coaching, mentoring and training on digital and general marketing activity.


5 things you need to know about Influencer Marketing

“Influencer marketing employs leading, niche content creators to improve brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive your brand’s message to your target audience.”
In a nutshell, your business employs or asks (but pays for) another content creator to promote your brand.

My 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in a lucky position to be in front of hundreds of business owners every year due to the marketing training I deliver. As a trainer, I prepare slides, make sure I’m up to speed with my content and know the flow of the training time. However, without doubt, my absolute favourite part is the interaction and questions that I get asked as a marketer.

5 Tips if you’re new (or returning!) to Blogging

Some of your best blog content for your business website will come from your customers. What are they asking about? Is there a topical subject that your business can address? Are there hints and tips that you can share with them? All of this can make for great blog content.

What colour says about your brand (and your business)

Colour evokes emotions in people, which means colour evokes emotions for your customers. What is your brand saying to your customers? What emotion is being evoked?

5 Tips to remember about the overall e-Commerce experience for your customers

In a nutshell, many businesses are now scrambling to sell their goods and services online as they were reliant on face to face sales pre Covid-19. Ireland, in particular, was believed to be losing billions in online sales to businesses outside of Ireland.

Funding help to get your Irish business online

The Trading Online Voucher Scheme is basically to help businesses to start trading online, that previously didn’t (or didn’t have to). The voucher helps small businesses to start or improve their ability to trade online. The funding covers costs for this up to the value of €2,500 (ex VAT). You pay the €2,500 and provide the relevant paperwork and receipts and you will receive 90% back. So, for what would have been a €2,500 investment, you now only invest €250!

Marketing SOS!

Is your business in need of some Marketing SOS? During the Covid-19 crisis there is a significant impact on many businesses. Some are thriving, some have pivoted direction completely and some have been forced to shut. Whatever the status, please do not stop marketing your business!

It’s time for some BLUE SKY thinking!

There is obviously an underlying uncertainty and unease for most business owners. At times like this it is really hard to be creative, particularly when you’re stressed. However, now more than ever, we need to be creative and think differently.

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