Marketing Outsourcing

What is Marketing Outsourcing?

HubSpot define it very simply:

“Outsourcing your marketing strategy to a marketing specialist means you’re enlisting the help of someone whose job it is to keep abreast of industry innovations and new, creative methods of marketing delivery. They will also be able to identify audience demographics that you may not have considered before.”

This is where Lush Marketing steps in to your assistance. We see things from a fresh perspective.

Why outsource to Lush Marketing?

Jill Lush, our owner, has over 20 years of business and senior marketing experience and brings a fresh vision to the marketing of your business.  We are an outsourced marketing company, solely centred on your marketing needs.

So, why would you need to outsource?

  • Don’t have time to dedicate to marketing your business?
  • Are you looking to increase brand awareness?
  • Unsure of where to start or to continue with marketing?
  • Are you caught with social media content or have you forgotten how to blend digital and offline (traditional) marketing?
  • Do you want to grow your business or introduce a new product or service?
  • Do you want to hand over your marketing worries to a marketing expert?

How does it work?

Lush Marketing will work with your business, either in person or virtually or a blend of both.  We will identify the best ways to reach your target customer and operate in line with your business to achieve the best results. We will spend time to get to know and understand you and your brand.

The main benefit of outsourcing your marketing is that we take the stress out of marketing.  We will look after the agreed marketing activities, so you don’t need to think about it and concentrate on growing your business.

How do I find out more?

We offer a free 15 minute consultation, so get in touch today to find out more.