Seeing businesses flourish after our Marketing Training and Development support delights us!


Sometimes you and your team just need a little extra training in specific areas of marketing.  It is worthwhile investing in training your team by a marketing expert. 


Our training is never boring!  We keep the sessions as interactive and active as possible to keep the body moving and the brain learning flowing. We provide training on a huge range of topics from Social Media, to Marketing Planning, How to Network, SEO for your website and creating an effective Elevator Pitch.


We run collaborative workshops where groups of 2-25 (or more if necessary) from your business are brought together to brainstorm, learn and grow your business.


One to one coaching is available for business owners and their workers.  Often with coaching the answers and solutions lie with you, but our coaching helps to bring it to fruition.  If there is a problem that you just can’t solve on your own, then seek our help. Speaking to our marketing professional, Jill Lush, will bring a new dimension and help with solution mode.


Having managed large teams in the past, people development and mentoring is an area that Jill Lush has lots of experience with.  Business mentoring is an area of passion.  Jill has grown her own business from attending a business development programme with the Entrepreneur’s Academy.  Sharing her own learnings with other businesses has helped her to mentor and grow profitable business for others.


Our first training workshop of 2020 is for Marketing Managers, Business Owners and anybody looking after marketing for a business.  It takes place on 9th January, 2020 in the Glenview Hotel, Co. Wicklow from 8.30am-12.30pm.  Register today!








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