Marketing Strategy

Why do you need a Marketing Strategy?

Your business needs to be clear and concise with its brand and therefore marketing experts like myself, are important to you. My business experience, combined with marketing will help develop the right strategy for your business.

First things first – Who is your target audience? Let us narrow that down so that you know your objective. Once you know this vital component, we can now develop a strategy uniquely designed for you, incorporating the four Ps of marketing. The combination of the four Ps is essential for you to be a success. We help you visualise what needs to be improved and what makes you stand out from your competitors.

The FOUR Ps of Marketing:
  • Product -You have a product or service that customers require.
  • Pricing – Trading at the best price and putting a pricing strategy in place.
  • Promotion – Building your presence online and offline.
  • Place – You need to establish appropriate channels.

Contact Jill to arrange a 40 minute Zoom exploratory call as an introduction to your business and to act as a fact-finding call. This will allow us to learn about the business and the methods of marketing that you are currently applying.  The next step is to develop and plan your marketing strategy, which is generally over a 12-36 month period.