Marketing Strategy

Lush Marketing help you to put a marketing strategy in place.  We will advise what forms of marketing will work best for your business and within your budget.  

Marketing without a plan or strategy can waste your business both time and money.  It can be like “throwing paint at the wall and hoping it will stick.”

We believe in working within your budget.  

Talk to us today about how we can put a marketing strategy in place for your business.  For an agreed fee, Lush Marketing will hold a 40 minute initial Zoom exploratory call, as an introduction to your business and to act as a fact-finding call. This will allow us to learn about the business and forms of marketing that you are currently engaging.  We will then work on the draft of your marketing strategy document, which is generally for 12-36 months.

We will then have a final 1 Hour Zoom call – we will go through the provided recommendations and ensure you understand the concepts and strategy for continued business success.