Is marketing not working for your business?

Why?  Did you spend too much on a Facebook advertising campaign and get no leads?  Did you place an ad in the newspaper and generate no calls?

Why do you think marketing did not work for your business?  Will we tell you why?!

The main reason that marketing doesn’t work for businesses is because no goals were set.  If you don’t set goals in the first place, how can you know if it worked?  Setting goals are so important to give your marketing some direction. You don’t start your car and expect it to know the way (although our new driverless cars will have to know!!).  You have a map or directions and you guide the car to bring you from point A to point B.  Marketing for your business is similar.  You can’t just set up a marketing campaign with no goals or targets.

Know your target

Another reason marketing may not be working for your business is because you don’t know who you are targeting.  Do you have an ideal client in mind?  Have your marketing efforts been directed at this type of client?  If not, why not!?

We heard a fellow marketer wisely say recently that you don’t see the big brands like McDonalds turn on and off their marketing.  They are ALWAYS marketing.  Yes, big budgets help them to do this, but lower budgets can have an “always on” approach too.

Setting goals in business is so important.  Likewise, setting goals when marketing your business is vital.  If you’re investing your marketing efforts, including time and money, then take the time to set the goals.  

Goals – Where, How, What, Why and Who?

Goal setting needs to have a where, how, what, why and who?

They could be simple goals, for example:

1. Where and Who – that you’d like to target customers in Dublin, 

2. How – by a targetted social media campaign,

3. What – to fill out a lead generation form to register their interest for your business,

4. Why – in order to generate 20 leads in two weeks for your business.

Keep reviewing

If you see that some of your goals need to be changed or stopped then do.  Your marketing should not be as strict as “we did that and it didn’t work”.  If at first you don’t succeed, try again!  Keep making tweaks and changes.  Maybe it’s just that Facebook used to work well for you, but with all the changes in the social media world, then maybe your audience is better reached on LinkedIn, for example.

Don’t give up!

The main this is not to give up!  Just because marketing might not have worked previously for your business, doesn’t mean it won’t work again.  Just remember to set goals, track them and makes changes when necessary.  Also, don’t stop.  You need to keep marketing.  If the big brands don’t stop, neither should a small business!

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