What are the top reasons to outsource marketing for your business?

The main reason is because you realise that you’re spending too long trying to figure out how to market your business.  That time would be better spent working on your business.

After attending a presentation from the wonderful Lorraine Murphy last night, she touched on the subject of outsourcing.  She asked those in attendance – “How much does it cost to outsource?”  Her answer was simple – “You should know your hourly rate.  How long are you spending on marketing versus the cost to get somebody else to do it?”  Bing!  Lightbulb moment in the room!

She went on to talk about staying focused on your business.  If you’re busy getting distracted by everything to do with marketing your business, then you’re not working on your business.  Time to outsource!

So, apart from spending time and money (i.e. your hourly rate) on marketing where you’d be better spending time on your business, why else outsource?

1. Marketing Expertise

By using a marketing expert like Jill Lush, you are tapping into her 20 years of business and marketing experience.  She can bring her broad depth of experience to your business.

2. Objective Thinking

Another marketing brain looking at your business can bring a new objective to the table.  It is possible that by bringing in a marketing expert, they will look at your business with fresh eyes.  This can only be a good thing!

3. Managing Employees

Outsourcing is a great way to remove the drama that can go with having employees working for you.  There is no recruiting, no wages, no pension, no employer and employee taxes to worry about, no days off, no holiday pay, need we go on! If you don’t have enough work for one employee, but need help, then it’s a great time to start outsourcing.

4. Concentrate on your Business Idea

Most business ideas need lots of time and effort to work on them.  By concentrating on your business, you can make sure you’re taking in revenue.  

5. Find a Marketing outsource that aligns with your Values

This is a really important point. Although you’re not living in one another’s pockets, so to speak, you need to get along with who you outsource to.  Be sure to align your business values to make sure who you choose is the right fit.

6. Set your Budget

The benefit of outsourcing is that you can set your budget at the outset.  Be realistic!  Marketing outsourcing can provide your business with the marketing brainpower, without the HR costs.  You can set a monthly budget and the outsource team can explain what you can expect in return for that budget each month.

7. If Marketing is no longer FUN!

If marketing your own business is no longer fun, then it is probably because you’re stressing about everything in your business.  Relieve yourself of the time you’re spending getting your head around marketing and outsource to the experts.


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