So what’s the best tip we can share about LinkedIn?

Ok, so there’s lots we could share, but this is one we learned and love using!

When you’re busy networking it’s often hard to connect with everyone that you want to at one event.  However, thanks to LinkedIn, there is a tool that you can use within the app to make meaningful connections.

So, here it is…

When you’re logged in to your LinkedIn app on your phone, click on the connections icon near the bottom left side of the screen.  An option will then appear at the top middle of your screen.  It is called “Find nearby”.  Click on this icon and it will turn on the functionality.


Hey presto!  If there are a few of you using this functionality at a networking event they will appear on the list.  You can then make connections quickly and easily!


I’ve seen this trick being taught at a few networking events recently.  The reaction from the crowd is always “oh wow!!”!

So get using it and make those connections!

One piece of advice that we will give though when making connections.  There’s nothing nicer than receiving a personalised invite on LinkedIn.  Take that extra few seconds to add a personal touch by typing a message to whoever you want to connect with.

Spread the word with this tip!  The more people that know, the better the functionality will work.

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