My 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions – what are they?

I’m in a lucky position to be in front of hundreds of business owners every year due to the marketing training I deliver.  As a trainer, I prepare slides, make sure I’m up to speed with my content and know the flow of the training time.  However, without doubt, my absolute favourite part is the interaction and questions that I get asked as a marketer.

1. Is Facebook (or Instagram) right for me?

Social media is naturally a very topical subject and raises tonnes of questions in the classroom – both virtually and in real life!  I love this question and anything around social media and choosing the right platform(s).  I always go back to my question:

“Who is your target audience?”

If your target customer is on Instagram, then yes, that may be the right platform for your business to be on.  Generally your customers may be consuming social media across a mixture of platforms themselves.  This then makes you question as a business owner where you should invest your time and indeed money.

If you are in the B2B (Business to Business) space and you’re not on LinkedIn, I’d really challenge you and question why not?

If your target audience are teenagers, then chances are they are not on Facebook.  The platform you are comfortable with, might not necessarily be the social media platform your target customer is using.  You’ll see many of the bigger brands and businesses creating a successful following on the likes of Tik Tok and SnapChat.  They need to.  This is where their customers are.

So before I answer the question, do your market research and do it well.  If you know your customers inside out, then your research will direct you as to where your business needs to be!

2. Video Content – do I really need to get behind the camera myself?!

If you are the business owner, then the chances are that the answer is “YES!”  So many business owners hide behind their business, the brand and the logo.  If you started the business and whether you do or don’t have employees, it is YOUR business.  There is a reason you started that business.  There is a reason you chose the branding and the logo.  There is a STORY to tell.  So, why not tell that story yourself?!

When I logically challenge the business owner and talk through this with them, the lightbulb goes off!  They realise that they haven’t been telling their business story sufficiently.  Remember that people buy from people.  If the customer or prospect sees or gets to know the face behind the business, they will build a rapport with the business.  Then, what happens?  They will buy from that business!

3. How do I start to market my business (either as a start-up business or haven’t done any marketing for a while)?

My quick answer – with a marketing plan!

What is written down, gets done!  If you haven’t got a marketing plan in place, then put it in writing.  Map out what you could possibly do to market your business over a 12-36 month timeframe.  Then see what you can afford.  The best practice rule of thumb is that you should invest 6-8% of turnover back into marketing.  

However, if you’re starting out in business you have no turnover yet.  So you may need to work on a very shoestring budget.  Our previous blog content outlines some suggestions here for you.

Start with what you can do for “free” – i.e. it is costing your time.  Set up the appropriate social media accounts for your business and get posting regular content on them.  Do you have friends and family with any PR connections – e.g. radio, magazines, newspapers?  Even if you don’t currently have any contacts, reach out and make them.  Send content to local newspaper and radio stations – you never know, they might just love your business story and be prepared to shout it off the rooftops for you!

Look at the strengths and opportunities for the business.  Turn them into marketing potential.

If you’re starting out, just take baby steps.  Set up your website.  Set up your social media.  Set up a database and add to it over time and keep in touch with your contacts with email marketing.

When budget allows then invest it into advertising online and/or offline.

To Finish

For anyone that knows me, you will know that I love what I do.  I eat, sleep and dream marketing!  I’m passionate about helping my customers and potential customers to improve their marketing presence.  If you take your foot off the pedal with your marketing, you’ll notice a knock on effect with your sales.  

If you’d like to hear more about what I do I’ll happily have a 15 minute consultation with you.  I’m a proven marketing trainer to both new and established businesses.  I also love to deliver marketing strategies for businesses that need a bit of help and direction.  If your needs go a bit further than that, you may need to outsource elements or all of your marketing function to me.  Get in touch.