What is LinkedIn for Business?

This is something that I am regularly asked by business owners. When I am talking to customers about LinkedIn, they often say either they are on it, but it isn’t working for them.  Or, alternatively, that they don’t “need to be” on LinkedIn.

I ask why?

Anyone that works with me will know that I ask lots of questions!  Perhaps LinkedIn isn’t for your business, but I will always ask some questions to see if this is true.

First of all I ask, do you have a personal or a business account on LinkedIn?  I normally know the answer by the lost look on their face!

Is LinkedIn not just for recruiters and job seekers?

Traditionally, yes.  However, in recent years LinkedIn has become a totally different social media platform.  You can have your personal profile as a business owner, but you can also have a business account for your business.  Basically, Joe Bloggs can have his personal account on LinkedIn.  On this he can update his profile with keywords that reflect what he does and also outline his experience and education to date.  Great!  That is you on a personal level.

However, what about your business?

Did you either create a business account and forget about it or perhaps you haven’t created a business account yet. So Joe Bloggs can have his personal account, but as a business owner it might be worth also having a business account for Joe Bloggs Limited.  If you are operating in the Business to Business (B2B) space, then it is a missed opportunity not having a business profile on LinkedIn.

What will it mean for your business?

Basically, it means that you can either use it as your only social media platform to post content or use it in conjunction with other social media platforms.  For example, you could be a thought leader or an expert in your given field of business.  If you are not posting content on your LinkedIn business account, then who will know?

You might think that you need to post solely on your personal LinkedIn account.  That is fine too.  However, I would advise that certain posts should be published first on your business account.  You can then share the content from your business account on your personal account and add some commentary.

Is that the only reason?!

No, there are so many other reasons.  One of the best reasons to have a business LinkedIn account is because you can create campaigns, advertise and generate quality leads.  As Hootsuite rightly point out “the network is also becoming the perfect place to drive business results, raise brand awareness, promote career opportunities, and educate potential customers on your products and services.”

Does it cost much to advertise on LinkedIn?

You don’t have to use the advertising options within LinkedIn, however, they are worth testing for your business.  At the moment the minimum daily spend is €10 per day (plus 20%).  You could run a short term campaign and test to see how it works for your business.  Marketing and advertising can be an element of trial and error.  If you haven’t tried it before though, you might just find that this is the most cost effective platform to invest for your business.  Or not!!

Are you a bit stuck and not sure where to start?

Here at Lush Marketing, we provide individual training to business owners and their staff.  You might like to help your staff to update their profiles to reflect themselves and your business in a more professional manner.  Or you might need some help to set up your company page on LinkedIn.  

We’re here to help.  No question is deemed stupid when working with us!  Don’t bury your head in the sand.  Ask for help and learn more about how best to market your business.  Call us today.