Digital Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality

This headline captured my attention recently and I thought it is an important one to address.  What has been your experience with digital marketing?  Has the reality been very different to your expectations?

Expectation is not reality!

For business owners and those in charge of marketing a business, the expectation versus the actual reality can be poles apart when it comes to digital marketing.  When I talk to those trying desperately to market their business, they think that digital marketing will be like a magic wand!

Ten Years ago Digital Marketing was in its infancy

Rewind back ten years.  I was studying for my initial digital marketing qualification.  It was only starting to become “a thing” back then!  At that time social media was beginning to grow.  Businesses weren’t really using social media.  Email Marketing was starting to be used.  Websites were often only being created for some businesses.

Now we expect Digital Marketing to be the “Magic Wand”

Fast forward ten years to today.  Businesses are actively using social media.  Email Marketing has sky rocketed.  If you don’t have a website, you don’t exist!  The world of marketing and, ultimately, digital marketing has changed dramatically.

Those in business are watching the engagement of customers and potential customers on social media in particular.  However, the expectation to grow your audience overnight and become a popular social media account has driven to crazy expectations and a disappointing reality.  Like any marketing, you have to work at it!

“Do you tell a surgeon that you can just do it yourself?!”

This quote from a article resonates really strongly with me:

“If you need surgery, do you tell the surgeon that you “can just do it yourself?” Of course not. Same with marketing. It is one of those things that everyone believes they can do until they’ve thrown thousands of dollars down the drain. Digital marketing experts know the very specific processes that need to be performed at a very high level to see positive ROI.”

After having this very conversation with somebody recently, it is for this very reason that I am qualified to do what I do!

Myths of Digital Marketing

My customers have come to me with the myths about digital marketing.  The most common myths I come across are about investing in both social media and Google advertising. Both are areas that you could invest, and waste, huge sums.  Most have been burnt so badly that they have a deep mistrust of digital marketing.  And understandably so.

I remind my customers that there is much more to digital marketing than social media and Google ads.  The right content targeted at the right customers is key, or certainly one of the key factors.

Make your expectation align with your reality

If your experience of digital marketing hasn’t been what you had hoped for or expected, then do get in touch.