Here we’ll uncover 5 tips for creating excellent video content.

Have you noticed that on your social media feeds there’s lots of videos appearing?  That’s because the constantly changing algorithms for Google and social media are favouring video content over any other content right now.

YouTube shows that currently around 70% of video consumers are male.  This ratio is predicted to distribute more evenly in coming years between men and women. Are there any videos on your website? Do you publish video content on your social media channels?  If not, you’re missing out on lots of potential customers to your site.

So, what are the tips?!

Tip 1: Horizontal/Landscape viewing

Consumers view videos horizontally on their smartphone or tablet devices.  Therefore, it makes sense to produce the video in “landscape” (horizontal) mode.  The videos look annoyingly narrow to view if taken in vertical or portrait mode.

Tip 2:  The first 10 seconds are the most important

There’s nothing worse than a video not getting to the point or getting our attention to remain viewing if it’s not done upfront.  That means that the first 10 seconds of your video have to show “what’s in it for me?” as a viewer.  Is it humour?  are you sharing a wise nugget of business information?  Is it a ‘how to’ video?

Tip 3: Video Length

Unless you’re making a movie, keep the length short and sweet!  Currently, HubSpot recommend videos to be 30 seconds (approx.) on Instagram, 45 seconds on Twitter, 60 seconds on Facebook and 2 minutes on YouTube.

Choose the right platform for your target audience and then the appropriate video length of the social media platform.

Tip 4:  Use a story board

Instead of just shooting some videos off the top of your head, plan it out in advance.  What is the story that you are trying to convey?  Map out a story board in advance, then you’ll have a better chance of portraying the message you want.

Tip 5:  Use a tripod

You don’t have to be an expert to produce a simple video.  If you decide to make your own, then use a tripod.  It avoids all that camera shaking that could lose your audience’s interest!

If you’re lost with all of the talk recently of video marketing and video content, then please talk to us.  We’re happy to help and we provide video production services for your business at affordable prices.  Find us at