Smartphone usage

More smartphones were sold globally than TVs, tablets, PCs and games consoles combined

time spent on Facebook or Instagram

1 in every 4 minutes on a mobile phone is spent on Facebook or Instagram


We’ve had a busy few weeks for us here at Lush Marketing! We’ve attended some fantastic Marketing Institute of Ireland events and an inspiring ‘Boost your Business’ event with Facebook.  Our focus this week is on mobile marketing.

It is time to share some insights with you from what we’ve learned over the last while.  In case you didn’t already know, our mobile phone is the most used device that we own.  In fact, one in every four minutes on a mobile phone is spent on either Facebook or Instagram.  So, with this in mind:

  • What is your mobile marketing strategy?
  • Is your website sufficiently mobile optimised?
  • Can customers easily and securely purchase your product or service on their smartphone?

Mobile Strategy

Lush Marketing attended an informative event hosted by the Marketing Institute of Ireland.  At this Colin Lewis, CMO of OpenJaw spoke about the future already being here following his business engagements in China.

At this event he said “What is our strategy for mobile is our sentiment in the West, but in China mobile IS their strategy.”

According to Network World in 2016, we touch our phones a staggering 2,617 times per day!  Think how many times a day you check the time on your phone, check it for messages, make calls, check your Facebook newsfeed, reply to WhatsApp messages, etc.  The figure might seem a little high, but if you were to track the engagement with your mobile phone it might surprise you!

If you’re not marketing your business on the one device that your customers engage with more than their television and desktop, then you’re missing a valuable opportunity to promote your business.

Contact us at Lush Marketing if you have a concern that your business is not using a mobile marketing strategy.  You can call us on 086-8353123 or email us at

Mobile time

Mobile is where we spend our time