Plan for 2018

Planning?  Do you live in fear of this word and even more in fear of the action? After nursing my little one back to health for Christmas, it has made me focus and think about 2018 with a fresh look.  It has also taught me that plans change!

New Year plans

It’s a good idea to start into a new year with a plan for your business.  Plans can change and that is ok.  Just try to have a plan to start with!  Marketing plans are important for any business.  Have you thought about these 10 things when planning for 2018:

  1. What is my business marketing budget for the year?
  2. What will I spend the budget on?
  3. When will I spend the budget and have I spread out the budget throughout the year?
  4. Is there a peak time that I should spend on marketing for my particular business (e.g. in retail there is no point in advertising for Christmas in January, but October might be about right)?
  5. Will I spend some of the budget on traditional forms of advertising or will it all be online?
  6. Do I need to schedule a calendar of content for my blogs?
  7. Have you thought about investing in Google Adwords?
  8. Are you going to spend on Facebook or social media advertising?
  9. Are there key networking events that should be in your diary so that the date doesn’t clash with something else?
  10. Who is looking after my website and social media channels to keep them current?

If you’re struggling to get your head around this it might be worth talking them through with a marketing consultant or a trusted business advisor.  Lush Marketing provide a one hour free consultation and we can start by answering these 10 questions and create a plan from there.  We can devise marketing strategies for your business.  You can then chose to either implement the planned strategy yourself or with our help.

Happy Christmas and a very happy New Year planning for 2018 from us at Lush Marketing!

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