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Digital Marketing is a big buzz word at the moment and rightly so!  It has changed the way that we, as consumers, are marketed to and how we perceive brands.  What is the last item that you bought online and what made you buy it?  Was it coffee capsules and an advertisement on Facebook reminded you that you’re low on coffee capsules?  Was it your holiday, because you no longer have to queue outside the travel agent on 2nd January to book your summer holiday?  Was it electrical appliances as you don’t have time to get to the store to buy a new kettle?

Think of all the products and services that we buy online?  Also think of what you buy in person, but your awareness came about because of a brands online presence.  The power of social media, such as Facebook, is huge.  As is the power of a Google search.  The dot ie Digital Health Index in 2016, pointed out that there are still 20% of Irish businesses with no website presence.

When I tried to explain to my dad what digital marketing is I pointed out to him that it is the likes of the adverts that he sees when doing a Google search or when he’s on Facebook.  I was probably only explaining display advertising to him, but I was just giving him a flavour for what I do!  He came back to the conversation a few days later delighted with himself!!  He said that he had seen the airline adverts coming up and he remembered that it must be because he was searching for flights recently.  I decided to park the “cookies” conversation for another day!

If we are not availing of the power of social media and online presence, we could be missing a huge potential target audience. Talk to me today about how you can start or improve your customer’s experience online.  Call 086-8353123.