Lush Marketing offer outsourced marketing services to our customers.  However, you’re a little confused and not really sure what exactly it is.  More importantly, is it the right thing for my business at this time?  Read on and we’ll hopefully answer your questions.

What is Marketing Outsourcing?

HubSpot define it very simply:

“Outsourcing your marketing means you’re enlisting the help of someone whose job it is to keep abreast of industry innovations and new, creative methods of marketing delivery. They will also be able to identify audience demographics that you may not have considered before.”

Does all of the Marketing function have to be outsourced?

Not always.  Sometimes you might just need help on a certain project, event or marketing milestone for your business. Other times it might be outsourcing just one element of the overall marketing strategy, like social media management, for example.

It is not uncommon for businesses to outsource their full marketing function.  This can include senior marketing management expertise and strategy.  But also, somebody who can “roll up their sleeves”, so to speak.  Hands on marketing is important too.  There is no point in having a fantastic marketing strategy if there is nobody to implement it.

What happens when the project or element of marketing is delivered?

Again, it depends on the situation and what the original requirement for outsourcing was.  If it is just a one-off project, then that is delivered and the outsourced marketer’s involvement finishes.

Do you need help with social media management? Then this might be for a short or longer term basis.  Imagine not having to worry about posting on your social media accounts again?! This is something that you hand over access and responsibility for, depending on the agreement, to the outsourced marketing agency.

What if a longer term marketing outsourcing contract is required?  What is my involvement?

This will depend on your business requirements again.  As good practice, we initially set up a regular weekly meeting to set objectives and goals.

Generally, the outsourced marketing agency will then work away on marketing your business.  They can then check in every so often with you.  If things change in the business or there are new metrics to be set, this can be done during the contract, subject to agreement.

Is marketing outsourcing expensive?  How much will it cost my business?

Surprisingly, it is often cheaper to outsource your full marketing function on a long-term basis rather than hiring a junior marketing executive to your team.  Your business is saved the expense of tax and pension contributions.  But you are also saved the headache of absenteeism, annual leave, sick days, etc.

Pricing is generally agreed in advance by the hour or by the day or indeed, by the half day. Again, this can all be discussed prior to going ahead with the outsourced marketing agency.

Is this something that Lush Marketing does?

Yes, indeed it is!  Marketing Outsourcing is one of the key areas of our business as a marketing agency.

We offer a 15 minute initial complimentary call/meeting to discuss your business requirements.  We can then work out what needs to be delivered and how much it will cost your business.

Get in touch with us to set up your complimentary meeting today.