We’ve been observing the commentary for and against Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Like anything new, we can see the pros and cons, so are not naïve to think it is all great!

However, in the interest of positivity, let’s see what are the benefits of AI in marketing?

Firstly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a number of benefits in the field of marketing.  As a business, you can use it to engage, understand and retain customers, in some cases.

Let’s look at it more:

Data-driven insights:

One of the benefits of AI is that it can enable marketers to analyse huge amounts of data quickly.  AI can help to process and interpret data from the various sources, including social media.  Its algorithm (AI one) can uncover some of the valuable insights and patterns for us.  Tell me that this data-driven approach doesn’t enable better marketing?!

Enhanced customer segmentation and targeting:

Again, AI enables customer segmentation by analysing customer behaviour, demographics, etc. Marketers can then work with these distinct customer segments with more tailored campaigns. With this increased personalisation comes increased customer engagement, loyalty and ultimately conversions.

Content generation:

Ever get stuck for blog ideas?  Or social media content ideas?  Well, welcome to the world of AI.  The likes of Chat GPT can help you so much by just typing in a few words.  Essays can be returned to you!  However, our word of caution is not to just copy and paste. Remember to add your own flair, thoughts and values to it.  But Marketers definitely can use the content generation element to their advantage.  Especially on a writer’s block day!!

Social Media Listening:

What’s this, I hear you say?!  AI-powered tools can monitor and analyse social media conversations.  These insights can then provide your business with insights into not only customer sentiment, but also your brand reputation.  AI can also help you to see emerging trends, respond to customer feedback or issues, all with the focus on improving brand reputation.

Our caveat to all of the positives is that you still need to bring some level of human expertise to your marketing.  Building a meaningful relationship with your client isn’t coming to come solely through AI.  We believe the human touch should and hopefully will always be needed.

If you need some human touch added to your marketing, please do get in touch!