We have seen a huge shift in the use of social media in recent years.  The platforms themselves have grown.  The following has exploded.  Hasn’t the use of social media changed hugely?  Ten years ago, we weren’t on Instagram being influenced to buy clothing or make up that we probably didn’t need.  There are so many new and existing social media platforms to choose from.  Also, originally LinkedIn was for finding a job, but now businesses can use the platform to do specific ad targeting.

Our CEO, Jill Lush, was asked to deliver training recently on the subject of Social Media Advertising.  She is hugely passionate about all things marketing, so embraced the opportunity to discuss one of her favourite topics and trends.

So, what do we need to observe for 2023 when it comes to social media advertising?  Here are just some of the things we see bubbling to the surface this year:

Increased Focus on Visual Content:

Visual content will continue to be a key driver of social media advertising in 2023. Platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest will continue to be popular for visual content, and marketers will need to create more engaging visuals to stand out from the competition.

This is one area that we hear as an issue from our customers.  They don’t have the energy or willpower to continue creating visual content.  Canva is great, but what we are hearing is that business owners are finding it more and more difficult to be creative with their visual content.  We’re here to help!

Automation and AI-driven Ads:

Automation and AIdriven ads will become increasingly popular in 2023. Automated ads will be able to target specific audiences more accurately and efficiently, and AIdriven ads will be able to optimise campaigns in realtime.

These Ads allow marketers (aka business owners in a lot of cases!) to create, manage, and optimise their ad campaigns with minimal effort. They can help marketers target the right audience, optimise ad spend, and maximize ROI. The benefits of these ads are that they can create personalised and targeted ads, which can lead to higher conversion rates. Did you know that automation and AIdriven Ads can also help track and analyse user behaviour, allowing us to make better decisions about campaigns?

More Personalized Ads:

Personalised ads will become more popular in 2023 as we look to create more engaging and relevant experiences for our audiences.

Personalised ads are ads that are tailored to a specific user. They are created using data collected from the user‘s online activity, such as browsing history, search history, and purchase history. These ads are designed to be more relevant to the user, and therefore more likely to be effective. Personalised ads can be used to target specific audiences, increase engagement, and improve conversion rates.

I’ll bet that you’ve been targeted by personalised ads, but possibly unknown to yourself!  I know it happened to me recently.  I mentioned a specific product and brand when talking to a client recently.  Hey presto!  That same brand and product popped up in my Instagram feed that evening.  The annoying thing is that it still continues to do so.  It’s annoying, as I’m never going to be in the market to buy that brand or product!!!  That’s the power of my mobile phone’s microphone, but that’s for another day!!

As ever, if you’d like to discuss anything marketing related with us, we’d love to hear from you.  We offer a 15-minute complimentary call to discuss your needs and see if we can help.