How much is too much?  Or too little?

One of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked is about social media posting.  How often should I post?  How much is too much?  Or too little?

Social media is ever changing and some of the best practice a few years ago has more than likely changed.  The one constant thing though is the fact that you should post regularly, consistency and with relevant content.


Let’s take Instagram for example.  This platform has seen a huge amount of changes in recent years.  There’s posts, stories, reels, IGTV, etc.  It’s hard to keep up!  Hootsuite recently published a great article on how often to post on social media themselves.  The recommend that on Instagram you should post to your feed about 2-3 times per week, but no more than once per day.  Stories follow different “rules”, so post these more frequently!  Instagram’s head honchos indicate that you should be posting about two stories per day.  This will then help to build your following.


One of the original social media platforms and with probably the largest following and engagement globally is Facebook.  They recommend to post once per day and again, no more than two posts per day.

Posting too frequently can actually have a negative impact on your following and engagement, so tread carefully!

Remember the type of content that you’re using on Facebook and other platforms.  Video content is still ranking best in the world of social media at the moment.  It has by far the most engagement.  Keep that in mind when creating your content.


The rule of thumb here is to post just one to two times daily.  Try not to go over 3-5 times per day, according to Hootsuite. This can be hard if you’re at a really engaging event.  I think common sense has to prevail here when using Twitter.  I find that I’m just posting about once a day on Twitter.  However, I can go to town on it if I’m at a live event where I love the content!  I sometime share pictures, videos and quotes from speakers at an event.

You also have Twitter’s Fleets to remember, which is similar to Stories on Instagram.  Yet another way to post your content!


If LinkedIn is your business’ platform of choice, then posting once a day should be sufficient.  Hootsuite recommend not to go higher than five times a day.  If you are trying to increase your following, then the one way to do that is to post regularly and with the right use of hashtags.

Other social media platforms

For the purpose of today, we just covered the main social media platforms that we use ourselves.  However, each platform does have its own rules of thumb.

All platforms:

The main things to remember when it comes to social media:

  • Know your target audience
  • Post content that your target audience are engaging with
  • Test content to see what resonates with your target audience
  • Keep content consistent
  • Keep content relevant to your business
  • Post regularly, not sporadically!

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