Content Marketing

This article from Marketing Insider Group is worth a read if you’re trying to improve or start your content marketing journey.

What is content marketing, I hear some of you ask?! It is an approach to marketing focused on creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract a clearly defined audience.  Simple!!

If you don’t have time to click through to read the expert tips, then here is our summary:

  1. There are tools to help make your social content better.
  2. Influencer marketing might be worth investing in – e.g. who is out there that might have a large following and influence your audience?  I’ve seen some start-up food businesses very cleverly use opportunities of photographing celebrities eating their food produce.
  3. Do you have any video content?  If not, it might be worth starting to use video content as this is what is being consumed more and more, particularly on social media.
  4. Making your content team better.  This might not be relevant if your business doesn’t have a marketing team….if not, this might be something that Lush Marketing can help you with.  Just call us today on 086-8353123 or find us at
  5. Event content – people always like to see what might have happened at events they didn’t attend themselves.  For example, in retail you could share your experience of trade show events.

Finally, if any of this is something that you’d like to discuss more, feel free to call us on 086-8353123.