Let’s address the post pandemic world of marketing…

This past year and a half has been a strange one for all of us. The pandemic has changed the world in many ways. Marketing is one of them. Now is the time to ditch what you knew about marketing your business and adapt to the new ‘post pandemic’ world of marketing. This article was written by our intern Aine Mersseman. She was inspired by a recent article in the Harvard Business Review.

You can start by simply asking yourself these questions:

Do you really know your customer?

While it is good to know your customer’s gender, age, or income, we have learned that it is more important to know your customer’s values. You can achieve this by forming a personal connection with your customers. You can then dig deeper into your customer’s psychographics rather than demographics.

For example: customers want to buy from brands that share the same values as them (such as brands that don’t test on animals). Behavioural patterns are another way to truly figure out the ins and outs of your customer.  By knowing something as personal as their buying patterns could benefit your business greatly.

Do you prioritise your relationship with your customer?

After going through a pandemic with the continuous feeling of uncertainty and constant highs and lows, we see customers are relying on brands that they trust and can rely on. We find it more important than ever to create a strong relationship with customers. This can be done by being more open and honest about the behind the scenes of the business. You are then meeting the customer’s needs, creating a sense of deep trust between you and the customer.

Do you have everything your customer wants? (And I mean everything!)

During the pandemic, there was a huge transformation of the digital world and digital marketing. Customers expect brands to have a great level of personalisation.  These experiences should be included throughout the customer journey. They want to be able to get what they want, when they want it. So much so that you’d almost mistake them for a needy 5-year-old!

Your business can deliver this level of satisfaction by focusing more on technology and data. Ensuring one of the 4 C’s is being met in the customer experience is a vital step. The 4 C’s include community, commerce, convenience, and content.

Are you still unsure on how to market your business in this ‘post pandemic’ world?

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Source: Harvard Business Review.