Radio Interview with Natasha Gillies on Dublin City FM's "The Irish Business Show", 9th January 2020

by Jill Lush

What did we talk about?

Well, listen to the podcast to hear the full interview with Natasha Gillies’ “The Irish Business Show” on Dublin City FM!  Jill Lush, our owner, is very passionate about marketing.  She is particularly passionate about having the correct market research done as this forms the foundation of an excellent targeted marketing approach.  If you don’t know your target customer, then how do you know how to market to them?  In turn, what way do you spend your marketing budget?

In summary, what’s it all about?

The main topics we spoke about were:

1. The IE Domain Registry’s annual SME Digital Health Index

2. Getting businesses online – transacting especially

3. Social media and marketing trends for 2020

4. A little about what we do at Lush Marketing – Strategy, Training and Outsourcing

5. The opportunities for Irish Businesses.

Want to hear more?

We’ve done lots of radio interviews, but if you want to have a strategy meeting about your bespoke business, then get in touch.