The Great Debate between Traditional and Digital Marketing

Ah, the great debate between digital marketing versus traditional marketing. It’s almost as long standing as the Barrys vs Lyons tea debate in Ireland! We’re here to break down the two types of marketing so you can make the best choice for your business.

The beauty of marketing is that you have the freedom to choose both digital and traditional strategies that suit your brand.

Why not explore both worlds and see what works for you?

What is Digital Marketing?

This is a style of marketing which uses digital channels to market products and/or services to potential and existing consumers. Social media, email marketing and SEO are all examples of digital marketing.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing refers to any type of marketing that is not online. We’re taking it back to the days when we weren’t all glued to our phones! Remember a time before we spent hours scrolling through Instagram?! Examples of traditional marketing include newspapers, billboards, radio and print ads.  

Digital Marketing – Pros and Cons

Digital marketing has been shown to influence half the revenue of businesses through social selling. According to HubSpot, 50% of marketers think digital marketing has an advantage over traditional marketing. Digital marketing allows businesses to track real time results and have total control over their audience growth.

Although digital marketing has its benefits, its dependence on technology is seen as a disadvantage as technology has failed us at the best of times. Social media sites crashing for hours, leaving valuable content waiting to be scheduled. Security is another issue in which businesses must be very careful about the legalities of their marketing.

Traditional Marketing – Pros and Cons

Traditional marketing has been seen to be unreliable by some marketers. For example, once a print ad has been sent out, you can’t edit it if you notice a mistake later. Traditional marketing can also be more expensive. In some ways it can be risky, as you don’t know who you may reach.  This is because results can be hard to measure. However, our customers have help to navigate this risk.

All that said, traditional marketing can be the best way to reach certain audiences. It can also help you connect with your local audience. According to psychology, customers find a brand more credible when they see something physical – this can refer to exhibitions, trade shows, print ads, etc.

Can Traditional and Digital Work Together?

Absolutely! There are so many forms of digital marketing and traditional marketing – who says you can only pick one? You need to find what will work best for your business and combine it within your marketing strategy. If you’re feeling unsure, please get in touch with us!

With qualifications and experience dating back, we cover both Tradition and Digital Marketing when working with our customers.  We’re comfortable with both and know when each will work best for your business.

We offer a 15-minute initial complimentary call/meeting to discuss your business requirements. We can then work out what needs to be delivered and how much it will cost your business.

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