Are you writing content that you want to hear or that your customers want to hear?

It seems like a simple question, but are you being honest with yourself?!  Are you sure that you’re writing content that your customers (or potential customers) want to hear?

Answer honestly!

If you’re really honest with yourself, do you think that the content on your website, email newsletters, social media platforms, etc. are written with the end user in mind?  If the answer is no, then stop!

Start again

If you think your content isn’t reaching the intended audience, it might be because it hasn’t been written with the right people in mind.   Start from the beginning.  I’ve covered lots in blog content about your target audience.  I also mention it lots in my social media.  Why is that?  It is because I am passionate about marketing to the correct customers in the correct manner.  To do this you need to start with your market research.  What is your market research telling you?  Maybe it is as simple as your customers are telling you they would like to watch more “how to” videos to understand how to use your product. Or your research could be telling you that your customers are using Instagram, but you’re only on Facebook – you need to change!

Be true to your brand

There is no point in creating content for traditional or digital marketing that doesn’t fit with your brand values.  The best content about any business comes from the heart.  Tell the story of your business.  Share content that tells the story well.  Every business has a past or a history, no matter how new they are.  There is a reason that business was set up.  There is a reason why it is one particular business type over another.  Also, there might be a background to the founder of the business that is worth sharing.  Why are there certain values aligned to your brand?  All of this makes great content to tell your story.

Where do you start?

Maybe you’ve been going in the wrong direction with your business content for a while and you’re not sure where to start?  A good starting point would be your website.  Review your content, remember key words that your customers (or potential customers) are searching for.  Rewrite the content one section at a time.  If you break it down to each website page it seems a bit more manageable than doing everything in one go.

Review your social media platforms.  Are you using the right platform to match with your brand values, but most importantly where your customers are.  

Review your email newsletters or email signatures.  Do they reflect your brand and what you want it to reflect?

Do you have printed material that needs an overhaul?  Again, just take one piece at a time and that will make it an easier task.

Baby Steps

It can seem a bit daunting if you realise that you’ve been writing content for your business for years, but it needs an overhaul. Just take baby steps.  Write out a “to do” list and you can tick off as you’re going along.

Need help?

This might be where you realise that you don’t have enough hours in the day and you need to call in some help! At Lush Marketing we will happily help you with your content.  Our services range from blog writing to overhauling full website content.  We also offer social media management where we can steer you in the right direction, temporarily or permanently.  Email Marketing and everything in print can also be given a new lease of life by us!