Want to know some AFFORDABLE ways to market your business?

The great thing about marketing is that it’s not exclusive to the big brands. There’s plenty of room for small businesses too. Marketing doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! As a matter of fact, some marketing tactics can be done for free!

Keep on reading to find out which four affordable ways you can market your business.

  1. Social media is key

A free and simple way to attract and engage with customers is by creating social media accounts for your business. Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to build an online community.  It can also help to create brand awareness. It is free to create an account on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Content on these platforms can promote things such as blogs directing traffic to your website. Or sharing content that engages customers with your brand.

The one thing to caveat here is that although posting content is free, you will never hit 100% of your followers on social media.  So don’t be disappointed!

  1. Network, network, network

In our opinion, you can never attend too many networking events!

They’re an amazing way to meet new people both within your industry and from others. Networking events, such as industry conferences and trade shows, are a great place to connect with other businesses. It is a way to promote your brand at an affordable price. If you have yet to attend a networking event, we highly suggest you give it a go.

Tip:  Ask to attend a trial event or two in advance of paying to join any networking organisation!

  1. Make a Google My Business account

Did you know that creating a Google My Business (GMB) account is completely free?

This marketing tool is one of the most beneficial free marketing strategies available. It allows your business to appear on the local section of Google Search, on Google Maps, and more.

It is most useful for local businesses especially. GMB allows small businesses a free opportunity to market their brand.

  1. Get your writing hat on and start a blog

Blogs can be used to generate traffic to the website, improve online visibility, strengthen the overall SEO, and increase user engagement. Blogging is one of the best free marketing strategies a business can use. The only thing blog writing will cost you is your time…and only you can decide whether it’s worth your time (hint: it will be worth it!).

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