With 1 billion active users on Instagram are you feeling left out if you’re not using it for your business or not using it correctly?


Here’s some tips to help you get started on Instagram.


1. Create an Instagram account from the App –


it is easier than on the laptop or desktop. We find it’s a more mobile friendly social media platform and not really built with the laptop or desktop user in mind.


2. Download the Instagram App from the App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play Store (for Android).


3. Sign in with your email or phone number (Android) or Create New Account (iPhone), then follow the instructions to set up.


4. If you have a personal account, but it really should be a business account, then you can switch to a professional account.


5. Set up your profile to reflect your business.


Your profile photo could be your business logo or something that reflects your business.


6. The Name should be your business name, the website should reflect your business website URL and the Bio allows you about 150 characters, so keep it short and to the point.


You can introduce some emojis or hashtags in your bio if the fit.


7. The Public business information section needs to be populated with your category, contact options, etc.


8. Start sharing content.


You do this by clicking on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen on the phone. Follow the instructions to add a photo that you can take there and then, take a photo from your library or add/take a video. You can edit this if you wish within the app or click on “Next”. You can write a caption about the photo of video and don’t forget to include your hashtags. You can also tag people, add a location and choose to share the post on your Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr account. When you’re happy your post is ready to go then click “Share”.


So now that you’re started, what more should you know?


Why are hashtags so important?
Well, a post without hashtags is a missed opportunity to attract those that want to follow your business. If you own a food related business, for example, then choose hashtags that interest the foodie community so that your posts are seen. You could choose popular hashtags like “foodie” or “foodlover” or you could create your own new hashtags which reflect your business more specifically. You can use up to 30 hashtags on a post and 10 hashtags on a Story.


How often should you post?

The recommendation is to post at least twice a week when starting out. However, be consistent. Don’t post one week and then forget about Instagram for weeks on end. You need to consistently post.
What are the best times of the day to post? This really depends on what you read firstly and what type of customers you have secondly. Some say that 5pm and 1pm on a Friday are the best. However, it really depends on when your customers are online. Are your customers busy working between 9am-5pm? Then maybe the best time to reach them is on their commute into and out of work before 9am and after 5pm, for example.


Keep in mind that currently you can’t play music on a post on a business account. This might be a pain to your business, but the benefit of having a business account with the great insights and analytics it provides probably outweigh the negatives.


If Instagram and all that goes with it and social media scares you, then think about outsourcing it. This is one of the many services that we provide at www.lushmarketing.ie