Trying to save time and money on marketing?

Here are 5 tips to help you save both time and money on your marketing:

Tip One – if your budget is low, then invest time

The best tip that I can give to any business, start-up or otherwise, is that if you don’t have money to invest in marketing, then you’ll need to set some time aside to invest in marketing your business.  Why?  You’ll need to be creative and think of ways to market your business with little or no investment.  The main investment here, particularly for startups, is time.  You’ll need to invest time in creating a logo or brand for your business.  Then you’ll need to think about social media.  Try not to think too long as thinking won’t get you too far on social media.  You need to start posting!  This takes time to create content and to post it at the times that will reach your target audience.

Tip Two – if time is the main issue, then schedule your content on social media

If you have a business social media account you can’t be behind the laptop, tablet or mobile phone constantly posting content.  Sometimes it is best to create a “bank” of content and schedule it on a social media scheduler.  There are lots of scheduling tools to choose from.  Warning!  The most important thing to remember here is not to schedule all of your content.  The algorithms of social media don’t favour business accounts at the best of times.  But they certainly don’t favour scheduled content.

Tip Three – bulk write!

If you have an email newsletter or a blog section on your website, both need content.  When you have time, bulk write and store it safely.  It’s a good idea to set aside some time each week or fortnight to work on content.  While you have your creative flow, that’s the best time to get writing!  You will also feel great knowing that you have content created and written in advance.  Then you can forget about it and get on with the rest of your business!

Tip Four – “pay to play” when you can

I am regularly asked if business owners need to “pay to play” on social media.  If you have a business account, then my quick answer is that yes, you do!  The previously mentioned algorithms on social media will look more favourably upon your social media account if you’re paying for advertising.  My only word of advice is just to invest in campaigns that are targeted at your target audience.  The budget doesn’t have to be huge.  You are also in control of the amount of money that you invest in advertising, so remember to set the parameters on end dates, etc.

Tip Five – Think outside the box

My customers will regularly hear me saying this!  Please do think outside the box.  Many businesses have been hit with reduced budgets during the Covid-19 pandemic.  With this in mind, you need to get creative.  However, the one piece of advice I would give is to not just brainstorm on your own.  Get friends or family involved if you need to.  Ask fellow business owners or network contacts for support.  Sometimes the best ideas come from within over a cuppa (albeit a virtual coffee at the moment!).  I’m also available for online meetings.  I’ve had many business owners contact me to be their “sounding board” and the feedback has been great.  They have found it therapeutic, but ultimately worthwhile for their business.  I can bring that fresh perspective that you need.  Get in touch to find out more.