Here are 5 tips to market your business if you’re on a budget.

Money is hard earned in any business.  It is necessary to market, but often difficult to set some budget aside for marketing.  There are so many outgoings for small businesses between tax, insurance, bills, stock, etc. that the marketing budget take a hit.

Here are some tips how you can use digital marketing to your advantage and hopefully do it yourself for your business.

  1. Content

Quality content is so important.  What is the area of expertise for your business?  Share some of this knowledge and expertise with others online.  If you write about what you do, customers might find this information when searching the topic online.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) improves with relevant content to what your audience are searching for and this content shows up in Google searches.  Simple!!

  1. Visuals

Remember that expression, a picture tells a thousand words?  We consume visual content around 60,000 times faster than written content.  Find images that explain what you are trying to say.  Visuals include infographics, relevant photos or videos.  When your audience have something to look at helps to increase engagement.

  1. Build your audience on social media platforms

Have you actually asked your customers to like your page on Facebook or to follow you on Twitter?  If you don’t ask, then you don’t get!  Explain to your customers that you’re either starting your social media pages or attempting to increase your fan base.  Share interesting content on social media and you’ll find increased engagement, likes, shares, comments, etc.

  1. Reviews

Remember that people can leave reviews of your business online.  Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. enable customers to leave reviews.  Hopefully they will be good reviews, but always address good and bad reviews where you can.

  1. Search your business name

Google your business name.  Have you done this recently?  Can you find your business?  What comes up?  Can your business be found on business directory listings?

It’s also very interesting to do the odd Google search on your competitors?  What are they doing online?  Can they be found easily?  What are people saying about them?

These are all some simple and low budget things that you can do to market your business on a budget.  What you might find after doing all of this is that you might need to invest in Google Adwords or some social media advertising.  At least you’ll be informed of your starting point.  You will also then know what the return on investment is if you do invest in some advertising.

As ever, Lush Marketing are happy to help your business get a marketing strategy in place.  If you just don’t have time to market your business yourself, then call us on 086 8353123 or find us at