Email Marketing Tips

So, you’re looking for help to get the most from your Email Marketing? Have you been tasked with email marketing for your business? Do you have a subscriber list that you need to keep in touch with? Fear not, we have 3 tips to help you get the most from your Email Marketing.

1. Test, test, test

Please, please do not send an email without first testing it! Check it for typos, formatting, etc. Be sure that you can see it ok on both mobile and desktop. Check to make sure all the links are working and clicking through to the right places.

Sometimes we are too close to the content that we create ourselves. If you can, ask somebody else in your business to read and test the email for you.

Obviously you should go back to the original version to make any amendments necessary. Test it again. Keep testing until you are happy that the version being sent is 100% complete and accurate.

2. No Spam

This kind of goes without saying and seems obvious. However, a customer asked me recently how to avoid their emails going to the junk folder of recipients. On closer inspection, although the email they were proposing to send looked beautiful, there was one major thing wrong. They were sending from a Gmail account rather than their business account.

If you don’t want the replies going directly to your email address, then set one up that can be managed by you or your team.

The next point in relation to spam is that the content itself isn’t “spammy”. There is nothing worse than “buy me” or “look at me” content constantly. If the recipient has subscribed to received emails, it’s because they are interested in your product or service. Avoid spam content.

3. Content

Content is king when it comes to marketing of any kind. However, with email marketing it is so important. Keep your content relevant and consistent. Remember that your recipients are interested in your product or service.

Share hints and tips about your product or service. Be useful. Share useful content. Keep the content in line with your brand values and be consistent.

You might need to test various forms of content to see what your subscribers are engaging with the most. It might be discount offers, exclusive or limited offers to subscribers, revealing an upcoming product or service, sharing news about new (or old!) staff, etc.


If you’re struggling with email marketing, then please don’t! Reach out for help. We offer training courses on topics that are important to you.
Our upcoming course on Content Creation might be of use and provide you the stimulus you need if you’re stuck in a rut with content marketing. Or get in touch for a one to one meeting.